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Standard crimped cardboard drum models

The standard drum models are suitable for products that are dry, powdered, or in paste form, including UN classified hazardous (XYZ group): cosmetics, agrifood, industrial pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, inks, etc.

The crimped fibre drum consists of a Kraft drum body, straight-wound.

The crimped Kraft drum is made from virgin fibres and is strong, light and corrosion-proof.

It can be given a wide variety of inside and outside barrier linings chosen according to the product to be packed.

The bottom, made from laminated Kraft paperboard, is assembled by metal crimping.

The lid is laminated Kraft, metal or plastic. The chime band is made from corrosion-resistant galvanised metal with a sealable or plastic handle.

Specific crimped drum models


Fibre drum for emptying by pressure plate.

Ideal for all pumpable products:

Hot-melt adhesives, mastics emptied at room temperature, silicone seals and elastomers, inks and varnishes, other products emptied hot or cold.

Option: this fibre drum can be equipped with a removable bottom for total emptying.

Abzalis can be Abzaclim for outdoor storage - both air- and watertight.


Weather-proof fibre drum for outdoor storage.

Outdoor storage from -35° to +75°C

Filling temperature up to 105°

Can hold up to 300 kg

Examples of application for Abzaclim fibre drums : Nitrocellulose, activated carbon, alumina, pesticide, catalyst powers, expanded polystyrene, mastic, silicones, etc.


Fibre drum for non-hazardous liquids (UN classification).

Examples of application for Abzaliq fibre drums : Cosmetic bases, lubricants, pigments, latex, polyester resin, glucose.


Fibre drum with inner core for cables and wires.

Abzac offers a range of special Kraft drums designed for wires and cables:

The inner core of the fibre drum acts as a guide for the wire or cable. Filling and extraction are facilitated by the use of the fibre drum.

The Kraft drums for wire and cable mills can be crimped or in the Abzaplus range.

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