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The Kraft drum is an open-top cardboard packaging solution, a precise assembly of a round drum body, with a bottom and a lid. To produce a cardboard drum, Abzac always starts with a cylinder produced by straight winding of several lengths of Kraft or a drum liner.

It is glued between the layers with mineral adhesive, eliminating any risk of mould.

Abzac also produces a completely waterproof model, where the adhesive is replaced with a reactivated polyethylene film. This process also offers improved rigidity.

Once the tube has been produced, two assembly techniques are used to obtain two families of drums:

  • The crimped Kraft drum: this is the traditional model and the one most commonly used worldwide. The cardboard bottom is crimped with a metal ring.
  • The all-fibre drum: meets demand to reduce or eliminate metal parts. The cardboard base is glued on.

Based on a certain number of standard diameters, any capacity can be created by adjusting the height.

The tube can be lined with a wide variety of more or less sophisticated linings, which are capable of providing an effective barrier for direct packaging of increasingly aggressive products. (see options section)

The crimped cardboard drum 

  1. Plastic, steel or cardboard lid
  2. Metal chime band
  3. Metal crimping
  4. Kraft or liner drum bodyLining according to product to be packaged
  5. Metal crimping
  6. Laminated Kraft paperboard bottom with polyethylene barrier

Capacities from 20 to 250 litres, UN approval for transport of hazardous materials.

All-fibre drum


  1. Kraft or plastic cover
  2. Chime band with tamper-proof lift-up handle
  3. Rolled top edge without metal crimpingResistant to static compression of 700 kg
  4. Drum body made from 100% kraft or liner, without metal reinforcementOptional waterproof treatment of the body of the drum (Azaclim model)
  5. Laminated Kraft bottom with polyethylene barrier Optional: reinforced with an impermeable card or plastic corner stayAssembled without metal

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