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Technical innovations and respect for the environment by Abzac

Abzac technical expertise

The Abzac Group invests to promote research, innovation and development of increasingly technical cardboard products. 

Skills, facilities, raw materials, measurement tools are carefully selected - nothing is left to chance. By continuously improving its production and development process, Abzac is a reliable group and a responsible supplier of cardboard packaging solutions.

Today, in each of its business lines, Abzac is a specialist in the development of reliable and environmentally-friendly industrial solutions.

The development of lighter cardboard or Kraft packaging brings:

  • Savings on raw material resources
  • Reduced carbon footprint (less weight transported)
  • Improved working conditions, less strenuous work

Abzac and the environment 

Today's world is dominated by the increasing need for renewable source of energy, energy-saving and for the reduction of carbon emissions. Abzac has adopted a sustainable development through an active participation in the protection of the environment.

Environmentally-friendly products

Cardboard, cardboard tubes, fibre drums, and sealing cartridges are recycled and recyclable. These products are designed to limit the use of natural resources and enhance recycling.

Abzac develops the use of recycled or Kraft cardboard, from sustainably-managed forests where resources are continuously renewed - we plant more than we cut.

Increasingly high-performance packaging

Thanks to its technological know-how in the production of cardboard and derivatives, and its cardboard processing expertise, the Abzac Group develops high performance products as well as reducing their weight. By reducing the quantities of raw materials used, Abzac contributes to the preservation of natural resources.

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