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Kraft drums: high reliability

Fibre drums are highly resistant.

Kraft drums are sturdy, can hold up to 300kg, and can be stored outside.

Kraft drums can be stacked without altering their resistance, depending on the models and storage conditions.

If they are dropped, fibre drums properly hold the packaged product. Once dropped, fibre drums have the advantage of not moving any more.

This is safer for staff, as the fibre drum doesn't bounce or break at the weld.

Laboratory testing of cardboard drums

To achieve total quality, Abzac conducts tests in its central control laboratory to check the resistance of the fibre drums.

These include drop tests and vibrating table tests to reproduce transport constraints. 

UN approval

Many models of Abzac fibre drums are approved for transport of materials classified as hazardous by the UN.

To obtain approval to transport hazardous materials, cardboard drums must undergo a series of tests, particularly drop tests.

A specific "UN approval number" marking is added to the fibre drums.

Approval is granted after examination by a certifying body that annually checks Abzac's ability to produce fibre drums in accordance with legislation.

N.B.: Abzac fibre drums can be approved for transport of hazardous materials except for hazardous liquids.

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